Akon Says Donald Trump is The Most Courageous President The U.S.A Has Ever Had…

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Well now. Look who is a fan of Donald Trump.

Read what Akon said to TMZ:

It’s almost like you have to treat politics like how you treat your children – there’s a lot of information that they just don’t need to know and I think Obama was very good at that, because he understood how to deal with world affairs without involving the public in areas where they don’t need to overthink things or assume things. Whereas Trump, he’s coming into it wanting people to know that he’s tough from day one and he’s giving out too much information too quick. So, what happens is before we can process the information, there’s action followed up behind it and then everyone’s confused, ’cause this never happened before, so you create panic, you create fear, and ultimately there becomes chaos. So, you have to understand when you’re literally leading a nation, there has to be ways in which you could do it. Now, one thing about Trump – I respect him, I honestly believe that he’s probably the most courageous President that ever hit the office. But at the same time, I also believe that if you’re going to be a strong leader you also have to be compassionate and you have to think about the people’s well-being and the process as you’re doing things because it’s one thing to be tough, but everybody know a bully one day will be taken down. It’s just a matter of time and we don’t want our President to be looked at as a bully, or someone that’s going to say ‘My way or no way.’ We want him to be able to negotiate on the behalf of the people, but at the same time keeping our integrity in a great place.”

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