Apparently, it was Drake Who Was Holding Out on Rihanna… She Has Always Been Interested in Him.

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Whlie Drake was presenting Rihanna’s award to her at the VMA’s, he confessed his love for her, saying that he had loved her since he was 22. He is now 29. But from what sources said, he’s been the one holding out on a relationship as she had been interested in him for the longest.

“She’s always been into him. It’s him, not her, who has been backing off the relationship.”

Even while they were at Club E11even in Miami, on Tuesday,Drake’s father was there and supported the relationship.

Drake’s father [Dennis Graham] was there and has given his blessing to the relationship,” says the spy. “As they were snuggling up, Drake’s dad was standing on a banquette behind them hugging them.

They were there till 4 a.m, along with their respective teams.

“Their security was eyeballing anyone who came near them,” says the spy. “It was his security and her security. It was unbelievable, there [were] more than 20.”

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