Believe it or Not, The Kardashians Are Banned From These Places…

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Believe it or not, there are a number of places, on this earth, that the Kardashians are not welcome or have been banned. See them below:


  • The Hamptons

There was such a thing as Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, which was a spin off, of Keeping up with The Kardashians. But the thing is, while they were in the Hamptons, they filmed in the Hamptons Bay, which is not near as glorified as the actual Hamptons environment. This is because the Hamptons is a relaxation spot for certain caliber of people with lots of money. So when Kourtney and Khloe got there with their camera crew and other crew members, some locals did not want their peace disturbed and shouted at them to return home. Also, they were outrightly banned from a number of restaurants.


  • Certain Oscar Parties

At the  last Raleigh Studios’ Oscar parties, Kris Jenner got drunk and misbehaved. Which led to the organizers banning the entire Kardashian family from attending the party again.


  • Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper is a well respected journalist with CNN and hosts a show called Anderson Cooper 360. He expressly stated that he would never welcome any member of the Kardashians or anyone associated with them, onto his show. He said he would rather report serious global issues than report the insignificant things the Kardashian girls were up to.


  • The Met Gala

For a really long time, the Kardashians did not receive invites to the MET Gala as Anna Wintour didn;t want them there. But the moment Kim married Kanye, that story changed. We do not even think that any other member of theKardashian family is welcome to the MET GALA. Also, during the MET Gala, guests are not supposed to take pictures but Kim broke the rule the last time so she might not get an invite next year.


  • Vogue Magazine

Due to the backlash she received for the Kim and Kanye cover of Vogue, Anna Wintour will not be putting Kim on the cover, any time soon. OK Magazine even reported that Anna Wintour gave instruction that no picture or words and actions by Kim KARDASHIAN should be included in any edition. Also the fact that Kim took selfies at then MEG Gala also added to the reason for her ban from Vogue, by Anna.


  • South Beach, Miami

Just like the Hamptons, Kim and Kourtney wanted to shoot a reality spin off called : Kim and Kourtney Takes Miamai. They were to shoot  in South Beach but their neighbours dis-allowed them saying they didn’t sign off to be filmed. Kourtney & Kim Take Miami had to move to  a gated community in North Miami Beach, near an arrangement of  7-Elevens, strip clubs, and abandoned buildings.


  • The White House

Kim Kardashian has been denied the avenue to do anything for the President of the United States, Obama, in an official capacity. Shetried to mingle with Obama at the USC Shoah Foundation party in 2014, but was denied any access by the secret service.


  • The Burger Joint – Buenos Aires, Argentina



A private establishment has the right to refuse service to just about anyone, unless that refusal is based on race, color, religion or national origin. Since the Kardashians have not yet blossomed into their own race of people or bought an island nation, it’s perfectly within the rights of a business to keep them out. With “No Kardashians Allowed” emblazoned on a large sign at The Burger Joint in Buenos Aires, the eatery refuses entrance to any of Kim’s clan. Of course, the sign is also surrounded by drawings of whales and anti-Kim graffiti, so the whole concept seems a little loose.




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