Brad Pitt Only Knew of The Divorce a Day Before it was Filed…

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According to The Post, Brad Pitt felt blindsided by the divorce as Angelina Jolie only told him she was going to file for one, a day before. And, despite his pleas, to her, to make things work, she refused to budge.

“He only knew that she was filing for divorce a day before she did it. They’d just got back from Europe. Brad didn’t want it to happen, he still loves Angelina and wanted to work it out.”


Asides the shock of the divorce, he was stunned as to how her team, immediately started spreading rumours about him, saying that he was smoking weed, had anger problems and more.

His first instinct was how were they going to protect the kids during the divorce. Then stories start popping up about his supposed pot smoking, drinking and anger problem, the source continued.

He doesn’t have a drug or anger problem. Yes, he smokes some weed and has a drink, but that isn’t out of control. The truth is that they’ve been fighting a lot.

He’s still one of Hollywood’s top stars, he loves Hollywood and he loves making movies. He wants the kids to settle in LA, go to school and try to have some stability. Angelina has had a series of movie flops and now wants to concentrate on her political and humanitarian work — which is admirable — but she also wants to fly the kids around the world with her. She travels a few weeks of every month.

The source added that Jolie filed really fast, he didn’t have time to shop around for a lawyer and even though she wants full custody and visitation rights granted to him, he wants joint custody.

His team is deciding on one ( lawyer) today [Wednesday]. His goal is to do whatever is necessary to make the divorce process as easy as possible.

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