Chris Brown is Suing The Lady Who Accused Him of Hitting Her

Posted on Jan 4 2016 - 9:56am by Editor



Her name is Liziane Gutierrez and she accused Chris Brown of hitting her.

The alleged victim tells us she was at a private party in Brown’s suite at the Palms Hotel in Vegas early Saturday morning. She says she was able to get her cellphone into the suite without his security noticing and when she took a pic of the singer, he went off, yelling, taking her phone and punching her once in her right eye.


But Chris has responded, saying the story is a big fat lie and he intends to sue her for lieing. See his Instagram post below:

This is not her first time though. Last August, TMZ filmed Liz ranting that Jason had flown her from Vegas to be with him for the night and for some reason left her high and dry.

Sources later confirmed to TMZ that she was delusional as he had never spoken or seen her before.

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