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Darey brought Ciara to Nigeria, to perform at his Love Like a Movie 3 concert and in a chat with City People, he said this about his choice of Ciara:

Because she just fits the profile of the show. The show was heavy on dance.  So it was The Futuristic Dame Party.

That was the theme for this year’s Love Like A Movie. She is pretty. She sings. She dances. She just fit’s the whole parameter, along with everybody that we had. It was a bit of a mixture of talents from singers to dancers, to xxx as well. There was a couple of rappers like Vector and Olamide.


On why she stayed for so long, unlike others who just come and go:

Oh yes her stay was long. It felt like a lifetime. I guess its about making the best use of the time that you have. She came in on Friday, of course that day was mainly for rest. And Saturday was for work, rehearsals, sound checks and all those things. The same thing on Sunday but not as hectic as Saturday. The show was on Sunday. And she left on Monday night. She was here from Friday to Monday, 3 ½ days.

She made the best use of it. She hit the ground running She enjoyed herself. It wasn’t her first time in Nigeria.  Apparently this is her 3rd or 4th time She told me so. I only know of once, or twice before. She reminded me that we were both on the same stage in 2006, when Beyonde and Jayz and Snoop Dug and Busti Rhymes all came to play at Polo Club then.

Since then she’s also been to Abuja I guess this is her first real visit because she got to see a little bit of the City, meet people Yes she just felt free I think we made her feel comfortable. It must have been as a result of the vibes she got from us.

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