Details About Mariah Carey’s Forth-Coming Wedding….

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Mariah Carey got engaged to the Australian billionaire, James Parker a few months ago and her engagement ring is worth $10 Million as it is a 35 carat Diamond ring…



Now, more details have emerged about their wedding:

Sources say that the wedding might take place in Tahiti where Parker sails his 287-foot converted icebreaker Arctic P, one of the world’s most luxe yachts. Carey also said recently:

“I’ve picked a lot of things that I can’t tell,” and, “It’s not going to be a big wedding, but it’s going to be grand . . . I’m most excited about the grandeur, darling.”

Even though her rep says her Las Vegas residency and her upcoming world tour will put marriage plans on hold, Carey said otherwise: she said that plans are underway.

“Certain things about it [are] going to be grand. The most important thing about it is the relationship and the connection and the love of it all, but of course I love a grand moment. But we’re not going to have tons of people and stuff like that. It’s very private.”

On wearing her engagement ring while she performs, she added:

“Walking through a crowd wearing a ring on your finger and a lot of bracelets is a little daunting, but it’s hard to take it off because I love it so much.”

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