Don Jazzy on Winning a Grammy + Marriage Plans

Posted on Sep 3 2015 - 9:40am by Editor

Don Jazzy



Unilke Skales and D’banj, who believe acquring a Grammy is a feat, Don Jazzy doesn’t think so.

This is what he told NET:

“I don’t think am moving at my speed, I’m moving at God’s speed, so most times, the decisions that I make, when I look back, I just smile and say that’s how God wants it’. Speaking further, Don Jazzy said, ‘I’m doing perfect, I’m doing great, I don’t have big eyes, I don’t think I’ll ever win a Grammy, I’m not abusing myself but it’s just realistic. I don’t think Grammy is set up that way. It’s not set up in a way where you’ll just wake up from Nigeria and pick up a Grammy. If it happens fine, but am not basing my success on winning a Grammy or any award for that matter.”

On his plans for marraige, Don Jazzy confirmed that he is still with his girlfriend, Ononme and concerning marriage, he said if a lady comes to him with a child, and says it is his and the DNA confirms it, he would accept it and there would be no need for marriage.

“I don’t know if I have a child somewhere, but for now, I don’t. I don’t actually mind if someone comes and says this 9 year old boy is your son and we do a test and I see it’s mine, I won’t mind. But if I have a child before wedding then I won’t get married because there’s no point.”

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