Finally, Chris Brown is off Probation.

Posted on Mar 21 2015 - 9:10am by Editor



It's been 6 years since he beat Rihanna and since then, he's been on probation. But as from last Friday, after the probation officer submiited a good report about Chris, the judge has let Chris off.


There were scares that he might go back to jail after the probation department submitted a report containing reasons why he should go to jail including his presence during the shootings at the club in San Jose and the other in 10AK nighclub in West Hollywood. Chris's probation officer also cited the fact that Chris didn't take permission before leaving to perform in San Jose but they made a turn-around and gave him a glowing report.


But a question remains; does their turn-around have anything to do with an intervention or they decided to let Chriss off due to his good behaviour? Hmmm! Whatever the reason, we are happy for Chris and hopes he stays out of trouble. 



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