From This Picture, Can You Tell The Race of Nadia Buari’s Baby Daddy?

Posted on Mar 22 2015 - 3:41pm by Editor



When some few weeks ago, the news broke that Nadia Buari had given birth to twins, a lot of people were shocked because for 9 months, she kept the pregnancy a secret. And considering how popular and sought after she is, we were all the more surpised.


The identity of the father of the children has been questioned by a lot but recently, her mother, Caddy, posted the picture above and from it, we can see that he is definitely not African or even if he is from an African country, it would have to be South Africa. And he also has a tatoo of Nadia’s name, on his neck.


The love must be really deep. Even her mother says sh’s totally obsessed with how obsessed he is, about her. So, can you tell his race from that picture?

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