Genevieve Nnaji Talks Competition, Gossip, Plans For Her Second Fashion Collection and How She Stays Beautfiul…

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Africa’s Julia Roberts, Genevieve Nnaji, is doing press runs for her new film, Road to Yesterday and in a chat with Enconium, this is what she said about her beauty routine:

To be honest, you are what you eat.  You are what you surround yourself with.  Everything that you touch shapes you.  You have to be careful of the things that surround you.  I like peace, I like hard working people.  I get motivated by go-getters. I don’t like bad gossip and pettiness.  Healthy gossip is good.  I don’t do rivalry, I do competition. All these help.  I think peace in the inside reflects itself out and then maybe genes, I really don’t know.”

I am not a spa person.  I am a gym person.  But I have been told that I have to go to the spa, I have to take it seriously and so, I have decided to go to the spa once in six months.  There is no time at all.”

On her fashion line;

We are working on the second collection. We had a set back because I was working on the movie.  But I am looking at handing it over to a different entity so that it wouldn’t suffer when I am not around to attend to it.  I love fashion, I love clothes. I am happy my fans love my brand and have embraced it.  I don’t want to disappoint them.  St. Genevieve is still alive.  I don’t w3ant to disappoint my fans.”



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