Justin Bieber Got a Star’s Treatment at The Hamptons…

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Justin Bieber had a number of shows at The Hamptons and for the days he was to spend there, he wanted to rent a famous mansion, called The Sandcastle, but it was no longer available. The 26,500-square-foot property would normally rent for $550,000 for a two-week stay and even though he wanted to offer more just to be able to stay in that particular mansion, he couldn’t get it.

However, as a show of good faith, the owner of the mansion, Joe Farrell, offered him another mansion, for free. The new mansion rents for $80,000 a week but instead, it was loaned for free.

As a show of appreciation, Bieber visited the owner, Farrell, a few days later.


“He went over there to hang out and ‘be normal,’ ” said a source. “He worked out in their gym, played piano and stayed for dinner.” Bieber debuted an unreleased tune for Farrell’s daughter and helped clear the table. “Joe and his wife had heard the stories, but [Bieber] was so polite and respectful. Joe’s wife was like, ‘You can come for dinner every night!”

The mansion that Bieber originally wanted, which was no longer available, has been rented by Jay Z and Beyonce, fora month, before. This is also not the first time Joe Farell is extending a generous hand. He once let Madonna stay in one of his mansions for free and as in return, she let him build her Bridgehampton mansion.

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