Kemi Olunloyo on How She Got Pastor David Ibiyeomie to Drop The Charges Against Her…

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Kemi Olunloyo made a claim against Pastor David Ibiyeomie that had him bring charges against her and forced her to be held in the PH Maximum prisons for a while.

On how she got him to drop the charges against her, this is what she said, as reported by Nigeria Films:

According to her, she said that after she was released from the prison she always go to a church to pray every 3pm but on one faithful day she was led in her spirit to attend Ibiyeomie’s church, she obeyed and worship at the church. When the church was over, she went to meet the pastor in his office but she was restricted, she had to cook up a lie that she is from America and was here for a five day prayer. When they heard the American accent she was granted access to see the pastor.

On getting to the pastors office they were five other men in there with him, two were pastors and two other were the lawyers prosecuting her, she went straight to the pastor telling him you locked me up, help me am broken.

Immediately, the pastor told her to give him her hands, when he held her hands to pray, she saw angels flying around and then she knew that the man is truly of God and he possess some spiritual powers, she later gave her life to Christ again in there.

Kemi said she was not paid by Ibiyeomie to keep quiet but her case is liken to that of Saul who prosecuted Christians but was later arrested by God and he was now a part of the Christian family whose name was changed to Paul.

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