Nene Leakes Shades Wendy Williams, Live on Air + Reason For Leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted on Sep 11 2015 - 11:22am by Editor

Nene Leakes


Nene Leakes was a guest on Access Hollywood, just yesterday and she spoke about a lot of things including her reason for leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta Show, Donald Trump, Wendy Williams and more.


On why she left The Real Housewives of Atlanta show, even though she was the highest earner of the bunch, she said;

“Money ain’t everything and I was the only original there and it was the end of my contract and even though I was offered a pot on season 8, I just wanted to leave and do other things. I also felt like I was being attacked a lot and I felt like it was too negative. Although the Real Housewives of Atlanta was a very good platform for me and it opened a lot of opportunities, I just needed a break to do other things but I may go back some day.”

On who will replace her, this is what Nene had to say;

“I am irreplaceable. They would have to bring in a truckload of women and men but they would never find another that can do what Nene does.”

Although, Nene said she would love to join another division of The Housewives franchise. She said;

“I would love to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to fight those girls a little bit. They need  a brown girl on that show.”


On Donald Trump; she says she likes Donald seeing as she was also on one of the editions of The Celebrity Apprentice but while she loves him and thinks he is real, she alluded to the fact that she won’t be voting for him.

On Wendy Williams blocking her attempt to becoming a talk show host, she said;

“Honey, I don’t have a problem with Wendy Williams, I think Wendy has a problem with me. Maybe she has a problem with me because my hair is in a bob and it’s blonde. Generally in this business that we are in, people have problems with people who are on the come up and people who are go getters and have talent. So, I am a threat to some people in this industry so maybe I am a threat to Wendy Williams. Bye, girl.”

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