Olamide Disses The Pompousness of His Colleagues/ High Profile Celebrities…

Posted on May 31 2016 - 9:21am by Editor



On Sunday, 29th of May, Yaw staged the 8th edition of his comedy show, Shalanga and one of the performers was Olamide. During his performance, the well loved artiste went into the audience, sang and danced with them and appreciated them in general. He didn’t just liaise with those in  the VIP section, he went as far as the regular section and when he got back on stage, he had some heavy words for his colleagues in the industry: he admonished his colleagues to not just stay on the stage and perform but also go into the crowd and not just the VIP section but those in the regular section.

He also said the security officials and servers need to be appreciated and not looked down on because of the nature of their job. He said security officials protect and the waitress or waiter can poison meals but instead, they don’t.

Basically, he is admonishing all to not be pompous but treat everybody well, regardless of their status.


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