One of the Sergeants Who Sustained Injuries While Trying to Arres\t Evans The Kidnapper Loses His Life…

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The man in the picture above is Sergeant Lanre and he is one of the leading ‘field detectives’ that tracked and captured the notorious kidnapper, Evans.

He was a member of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) under the watch of an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Abba Kyari  and he died over the weekend.

It is being reported that in a recent arrest attempt similar to that of Evans, the suspect pumped some bullets into Sergeant Lanre’s stomach while his colleague got shot in the hand. Irrespective, they continued the pursuit till the suspect was arrested and the bullets were extracted with Sergeant Lanre opening his eyes and exchanging pleasantries with his friends. However, he later died

It is really sad and painful altogether. We have not been able to tell his wife and other family members yet. This is the risk of the job we are talking about; we put our lives on line for others, yet when it is time for promotion, one thing or the other will happen and the list will be kept in view.
Look at this now, Sergeant Lanre was one of the men that put his life on the line to arrest Evans and now he is dead. We don’t even know how to break the news to his wife and family. It is painful,” one of his colleagues said at the weekend.

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