Oprah Winfrey Defends The Kardashians

Posted on Nov 9 2015 - 12:50pm by Editor



Last week, we reported a story where Rebel Wilson said;

“Their rise to fame wasn’t exactly admirable either,” she continued. “They seem a bit superficial and their careers aren’t really based on talent,” she said. “I know they’re super popular, but I’m all about personality and working hard to get to where I am. How Kim Kardashian got famous from the sex tape and I just went to acting school and worked really hard…” Read full story HERE

Well, in reply to that, Oprah has defended The Kardashians.


“I went there to film them as a family and I couldn’t believe how hard they work,” Oprah said to KISS FM’s Kyle and Jackie OPeople don’t understand, people think that if a television camera is following you then that’s just easy. But to really create a reality series that looks like something is actually happening, it means you have to be on all the time.”

She added that even after she was done filming with them, the family continued to shoot for 7 extra hours.

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