Recession But a Lot of Weddings to Attend? Lola OJ Has Got You with Easy DIY Hairstyles…

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It’s the recession period and opportunity cost is very much at play where people prioritize spendings. And to get hair done in Lagos isn’t cheap but you still have a lot of weddings you’d like to attend?

All thanks to Lola OJ, who has teamed up with  Charis Hair, to teach women how to style their hair and wigs in different ways for different weddings. And the best part is, there’s no need for a trip to the saloon.\

Watch the clip below for a better understanding.


Step One – Tame the sides of your hair/edges with an edge control and a brush

Step Two – Put on the wig (if you’re using a wig) & section a small part at the top of your hair

Step Three – Create a side ponytail at the back

Step Four – Curl the ponytail in three parts and hold with clips

Step Five – Curl the top top section in one go

Step Six – Remove the pins in the ponytail and finger comb

Step Seven – Release the curl in the top section and create a sweep

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