Tee Billz Allegedly Plans to Sue Tiwa Savage… Why This May Backfire.

Posted on May 5 2016 - 9:10am by Editor



After Tiwa revealed that she caught TeeBillz snuffing cocaine, TeeBillz was said to have been taken to to Lancet Laboratories in Victoria Island,  on May 4 and no drug was found in his stream. The story also states that he hasn’t taken any drug in 2 years and because of this result, he will sue Tiwa Savage for maligning his character.

But that might not work because Tiwa specifically said that she caught him taking cocaine not long after they got married and they got married in November of 2013. That’s over 3 years ago. She also said that she called his family and told them of his drug use. If it gets to court and his family members are called upon, would they perjure themselves on the stand by lieing on the stand that Tiwa never called them?


TeeBillz needs to tread on cautious grounds and look to rebuild his life. He is said to have been moved to an apartment in 1004 in Victoria Island.

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