Terrence Howards’ Divorce Settlement Over-turned

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In 2012, Terrence Howard signed a settlement with his former wife (2nd wife), Michelle Ghent,  to end their marriage but later on, Terrence said he was forced to sign the agreement because she threatened to release private information about him, including phone sex recordings with other women and a video of him dancing naked in a bathroom, if he didn’t sign the settlement.

This means that Terrence and his  ex will have to re-negotiate the terms of their divorce and this means she wouldn’t have an entitlement to what she would have gotten, if the divorce settlement remained valid, including part of his earnings from playing Luscious Lyon on Empire.

During the four day hearing to render the settlement void, sordid details about Terrence’s life got exposed; such as he cheating on Ghent while they were engaged, physically abusing her and some more. A call was also played, where Ghent threatened to expose Terrence if he didn’t send her money before the end of that day and Terrence’s accountant had to send her $40,000, Terrence further added that if he didn’t send her the money and she had leaked the information, his career would have come to an end.

The judge added that considering the evidence tendered before him, it showed that Terrence is a bully but he being a bully doesn’t mean he can’t be bullied.

Ghent’s lawyer refused to comment saying a press statement would be released soon.

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