Waje on Her Humanitarian Causes and Having a Child Early…

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Waje is a humanitarian. She has an NGO called Waje’s Safe House where she provides succour for young children and also, recently, awarded 5 scholarships to girls who couldn’t afford to pay their tuition due to financial difficulties through African Woman’, an initiative of Waje’s Safe House.

Speaking about this, she said to GUARDIAN newspaper:

I am passionate about education because I believe that poverty is sexist and that we can eradicate it through education. Knowledge is power. If you don’t know, you will not know what to do. So I believe empowering women is one of the fundamental things we want to, and empowering people with education is the best foundation you can lay before we start talking about what money can do or cannot. I’m also supporting causes that aim to stop violence against women.

On the reason for her humanitarian bone, she added:

Most of these activities are informed by my childhood experiences. My parents separated when I was young. A lot of things my mum would want me to have, I didn’t have. Some of the things I had, I had to fight for them. But not everyone is as fortunate as I was. There are children whose parents are still together but still cannot have proper education, not because their parents do not love them but because they cannot afford it.

“These children may even be very intelligent; they do well in school. But their parents cannot afford to send them to school up to university level. So, yes, my childhood has impacted on my engagements. But my existence as an artist has also been my driving force.

“I get a lot of feedbacks from fans and other people. They tell me their problems. Sometimes, people will send me direct messages about their school fees. But I cannot pay for everybody. If I pay for everybody me sef go go bankrupt na. But it feels bad that I cannot pay for them all. Some of them say they only need N20, 000 to complete their schools fees. Meanwhile, you can spend that same N20, 000 on juices and burgers on a single night out with friends.

She revealed that she gave birth to her daughter pretty early, in life, and as a result of her child, there are some songs she cannot sing:

There are songs I would really want to sing. But I would not do those songs because if as a listener, I may not be comfortable with my daughter singing that sort of song, why should I go ahead and sing them?


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