What we Know About Second Season of Empire + Will Oprah be Joining The Cast- Find out.

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So, here is what we know about the new season of Empire, which is going to premiere on September 23;

  • There’s fashion! Sex! Intrigue! Fights! Catfights with weave pulling and pearls dripping to the floor! Bloodshed! And more sex!
  • The new season will focus on Lucious and Cookie’s life in the ghetto- it will show the kind of life Cookie and Lucious had when they were still living and struggling in the ghetto.
  • Oprah will not be starring in this new season because she is working on an original series for her network, titled Queen Sugar, which is being directed by Ava Duvernay, and also working on her character in the Richard Pryor biopic, which is also being directed by Lee Daniels. So, they couldn’t get her on because of her tight schedule even though she wanted to be a part of it but there will be an Oprah appearance in season 3.
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