While at The Strip Club, Lamar Odom Didn’t Drink Alcohol…

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A few days ago and according to TMZ, Lamar was sighted downing a lot of Whiskey and beer, just before the flight and as the vomit rose up in him, he rushed to the bathroom but threw up in the gallery before he made it to the bathroom and threw up some more.

Well, he may have learnt from that incident because he was at a Queens strip club, called Cityscapes Gentleman’s club, recently and he didn’t take alcohol.

“He just asked for water and cranberry juice. He didn’t drink any alcohol at all,” the owner of CityScapes Gentlemen’s Club said.

“He came with a group, three females and three guys,” the owner continued. “It didn’t seem like he was on a date with any of the girls or anything, they were just a bunch of his friends from the area. He called about an hour ahead and we got the VIP area ready for him.”

He got in at 3:15 a.m and didn’t leave until 3:45 a.m and the club closed at 4 a.m. The owner added that he didn’t get any dances, either.

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