Woman Writes on How Timi Dakolo’s Post on Divorce Negatively Affected Her…

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After Timi Dakolo’s post on divorce went viral, a woman shared how the post negatively affected her



Timi sounded judge mental. Who does Timi think that will just wake up and stroll out of marriage? Cos I don’t understand. Some people are afraid to leave for the shame and all sorts. This thing is not a physical thing. Two people that was loving today being worst enemies tomorrow . 
Because your marriage seems perfect does not make you a judge. Even the Bible didn’t judge people that are divorced like this. I woke up one day and discovered that my husband is a sworn homosexual using me to cover up. Since our wedding day, no sex. I endured for 5 whole years, no child, no domestic violence but I became depressed to the point that I lost my mind. I hear voices in my head, gets scared to death and wish for death to come. I was a virgin and demanded no sex before marriage.
I was 37 when I ran away from the house after an anonymous caller revealed there was an attempt to kill me. It was later confirmed and I was wondering what else is there for me to give. I prayed every single day, called on God, fasted, I did all that hoping for things to change but instead I almost died.
He just wanted to get rid of me so people will not look at him somehow if he doesn’t get married again and no one will know what I suffered.

All that was left was for me to sacrifice my life. Now, doctors are saying I have fibroids all over my womb, my chances of getting pregnant and sustaining is is very slim. If I do the surgery now, by two years when It will be safe for pregnancy I will be 41. I was not promiscuous, I didn’t snatch anyone’s husband. I am not an illiterate. All I did was give marriage my all. Since I read Timis post, I culdnt sleep. I feel sharp pain in my chest. Am I not complete? There was no domestic violence. Was I wrong to leave? Cos everyone thought I was enjoying. Is Timi and his Wife more righteous in the sight of God than Me? I have been broken. Maybe you never know what people pass through. I would have gladly loved to be beaten every day, I would have a physical scar that will heal, if my husband had kids outside, it would have been better off. Atleast, I would be able to say it outside than die in silence.

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