Yemi Alade on How Top Shots in The Industry Approached Her For Sex…

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We always knew there was some sleazy stuff going on in the music industry and now that big time singer, Yemi Alade confirms it, it’s still quite appalling.

Record label owners and show promoters are all guilty of this. Sexual harassment comes in different levels; some are intense, some are subtle, and some even come through third parties. However, I’ve never found myself in a situation that felt very uncomfortable. Once I see the signs, I run and the person would not even have the opportunity to go through with his evil plans. There are some people who I looked up to in the industry but surprisingly, they also wanted sex”

On the purported between herself and her female singers, she added:

I don’t know why the media takes pleasure in pitting great women against one another. Have you ever seen any text message from any of us lambasting another person? There’s no proof of these things; it’s just in the imagination of people. I’ve never stopped working and I was already working before Tiwa Savage came to Nigeria. I am a fan of their music, and on my Snapchat page, I usually dance to their songs. I do not consider Tiwa Savage a friend because I don’t know her favourite colour or meal and other intimate things. She is just my colleague.

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